Website SEO

What is Website SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential for any business that wishes to be visible online, whether to attract sales, new clients or just to provide information.

Website search engine optimisation is the process of positioning your website to be found at the most critical stage of the buying process or when someone needs to view your website.

When any search term or ‘keyword’ is entered into search engines for example ‘wedding cakes’ or ‘best website designers’ it is the search engines job to provide you with the most relevant results.

This is where business website seo is crucial as you want to be visable at this point, you want these highly qualified visitors hitting your website and performing the desired action such as a sale, a call, email etc.

SEO specialist such as ourselves understand how website seo should be undertaken, below we have provided a guide on what signals search engines are looking for to help ‘rank’ your website.

What are search engines looking for?

Whether you are new to website SEO or want to understand more about website optimisation here are a few tips on what search engines are looking for.

-       Content – Content really is king in the SEO world, whether you are undertaking small website seo or a large corporation looking for a boost this is essential. Content provides signals to search engines from within the content such as the topic, what keywords are within the text, titles, description that is given. This builds a picture for search engines. Writing content in the correct way is key here.

-       Authority – You may hear the term ‘back links’ a lot. This refers to not only how many other websites link back to you but also the authority of these, how valuable are they? The better the quality the higher the value.

-       Your website – website search engine optimisation is also about making your website the best it can be, is it fast, is it easy to navigate? Is it safe? Does it have a high bounce rate (users who may view one page only for example) Along with this have you tackles all your o’n-page SEO’ elements such as setting the correct meta tags, descriptions and so forth.


After being in the industry for many years we hear many analogies that help explain what business website SEO is, we like to think of your website as sailing vessel. Firstly you want to build a solid mast, you want it to sit in the water well and be ready to set sail. In the SEO world this is our research stage, tweaking your website elements ready for search engines to take notice or if you have an existing site this is where we ensure every element is correctly optimised.

Now you have your vessel you want it to set sail, this is where content marketing and ‘off page’ seo comes in, this is where we start to put the wind behind those sails.

To find out more about how we work, our fees whether you are looking for small website seo or a larger company get in touch. We also offer a free website audit where we see how your website is currently performing.