Small Business SEO

Small Business SEO – The value of SEO for your business

Think of small business SEO as a competition, all your competitors are trying for that top spot on google, some may choose to invest heavily in Search Engine Optimisation others may rely on a well-known brand name or long time online establishment to win customers, you however as a small business may have the following restraints:

  • Time – As a small business you may have less staff? You may have more responsibilities. Larger establishments can afford a dedicated marketing team/SEO digital marketing team to work on SEO all day every day, this may make SEO for small business difficult but not impossible.
  • Money – Larger businesses usually have larger budgets allowing them to dedicate large amounts of money to invest In their SEO activities, be that hiring the best external SEO technician or employing an in-house team.
  • Priorities – As a small business where do your priorities lie? We find SEO usually falls to the bottom of most small establishments to do lists, this is why hiring an external small business SEO consultant or a small business SEO company may be the best option for you, most consultants of agency’s usually have small business SEO packages to choose from.
  • Website Size – Time, money expertise and priorities could all restrict the amount of time you have to growing your site, adding content and improving it’s functionality. Larger websites have an advantage as they usually have more pages, more content and more opportunity to place keywords. Small business SEO services work to grow your on page and off page content allowing you to start competing on a small scale, over time this will grow and improve, as a small business you have to be aware that small business SEO is a continuous investment and in order to compete activities are ongoing.
  • Age – Aside from the fact Google prefers older domains, your larger competitors have most likely been conducting Website SEO for many years, they already have the platform, the experience and expertise to understand what works and what doesn’t, don’t let this put you off everyone starts somewhere so the sooner the better, if you feel you don’t have the time or knowledge to start implementing changes your self perhaps look at employing an external small business SEO company to give you a head start, they usually offer small business SEO packages specifically for SME’s, niche product and start-up’s looking to build an online presence.
  • Access to less powerful SEO and Analytics software – Small businesses usually have fairly limited access to analytics and SEO software, your counterparts may be able to afford more powerful automated systems which reap better rewards.

So is SEO for small business worth it ?

Yes, as a small business you need to accomplish at least the basics, a small business SEO consultant Will start by establishing the three main search-ability and usability factors every website needs to be visible and functional.

  • Be searchable and visable on search engines – As a new website you may not even be ranking, it’s important you make yourself and your company/domain name known to search engines so people can start finding your website organically.
  • Usability – Make sure your website is easy to navigate to both potential customers and to search engines, this may involve editing your sitemap or robots text as well as improving front end functionality e.g re-direct links.
  • Converting your visitor to a desired action – Small business SEO services will help you implement a clear structure as to the desired action you wish your potential customer/websites visitor to conduct, that may be buying a product or filling in an information form, what ever the nature of your desired action a small business SEO company can help implement.

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